Serving as Chairman of the FCC has been the honor of a lifetime. And soon, my time in this position will conclude. You may have seen my announcement last month that I’ll be departing the Commission on January 20, 2021.

As those who follow the agency know, setting the agenda for and presiding over our monthly meetings areamong the key responsibilities of my role. Three weeks from today, I’ll preside over my 49th — and final — meeting. Before outlining the agenda for that meeting, a few words about its 48 most recent predecessors.

The FCC’s monthly meetings showcase the agency’s highest-profile work. And by any metric, we have been more productive, more collaborative, and more transparent since January 2017 than at any time in recent history. At the 48 meetings held under my leadership, we’ve voted on a total of 286 items — an average of six (5.96, to be precise) items per meeting. That compares to a recent historical average of well under three. Of the votes on those 286 items, 205 (71.7%) featured no dissents and 253 (88.5%) were bipartisan. These figures are far higher than comparable figures from the four preceding years. On top of all this, we’ve introduced unprecedented transparency into the process. As a Commissioner, I’d long called for the agency to “show its work” — to share with the American public what the FCC would be voting on before we actually voted. In my second week in office, I made this good-government reform happen. …


Ajit Pai

Personal page of the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

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